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A journal comic by Chris Pearce

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Men have kind hearts when they are not afraid but they are afraid afraid afraid.
Gertrude Stein, The Mother of Us All (1946)

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Dear Tumblrverse,

As the new school year approaches, we are obviously in denial teachers are mentally figuring out what materials we need for the school year, what will be provided by the school or families, and what we will buy with our own money as we shop sales (if it is in our budget).  Several members of our #education community on tumblr dealt with unexpected family deaths, weather disasters, or more happy (but expensive) life achievements like getting married or having a baby.  Our pockets have been hit hard, and I think you’d be surprised how much of our own money we spend on classrooms each year.

Many of us teach in areas where our students’ families cannot help with school supplies.  In fact, as I began working on this project, every teacher I contacted to include that came from a more affluent community declined being included so that classrooms in greater need could be helped.  I am in awe of the teachers in this community.  After the jump is a list of teachers and their classroom wish lists for the upcoming year.  If you are able to, please consider supporting a teacher via their wishlist.  If you’d rather make a donation to their supply fund or send a gift card, I’m sure you could contact them and they wouldn’t turn you down.   

So after the jump are the blogs and corresponding wishlists from Tumblr’s teachers — most of the educators on this list I have personally interacted with and know them to be dedicated to their students.

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It’s hard to believe it’s almost time to go back for another year! Please remember, even a small purchase off a teacher’s wish list can make a huge contribution to students. Also (and this is me speaking from experience here) an unexpected classroom gift can absolutely make a teacher’s day.

(Also, if you are a benevolent soul and at all a fan of my chalkboard drawings during the school year, I could reeeeeeally use some new Chalk Ink Wet Wipe markers…)

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Tried to watercolor one of these blank sketch covers. I’ll probably stick to markers from here on out…

Tried to watercolor one of these blank sketch covers. I’ll probably stick to markers from here on out…

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These strips are about ten years old, during a time when I had just graduated with my Masters’ degree and had yet to find a permanent teaching position. I moved back in with my parents and commenced a regular routine of substitute teaching. During that year, a friend of mine from college was in a car accident and died.

I was happy with the way these comics came out at the time and they (more or less) hold up today, capturing the sadness, confusedness, and honestly, some of the gallows humor of having to put someone you care about into the ground far too early.

I don’t hang out with any of my college friends anymore. Facebook and Instagram have done their jobs of keeping us all completely in each others’ business while distancing us immeasurably. Jen’s funeral will probably be the last time I’ll ever be with that exact group of people who meant so much to me during my formative years… and I’m glad I have some comics about them.

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Yoink! moments from The Simpsons

So THIS is why I say yoink so much!

Saying “Yoink!” legally gives you possession of the item which you’ve yoinked.

I just want to go on record here as saying while I realize this is an incomplete list, they left out my personal favorite “yoink”, when a guy yoinked the diamond from Lenny’s tooth in “Last Exit to Springfield.”

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.

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Some of my finds while I’ve been in New York visiting. Sketch cover comic books, silly stuff from a flea market, bootleg concert DVDs from off the streets of SoHo, and a couple of Toys r Us items on crazy clearance (that Real Ghostbusters thing was about $4 bucks).

Oh, and my Swensons’ 80th Anniversary collector’s pint glass!

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Two people, two genuinely good people, can try to make each other happy but fail. In fact, they can make each other wretched.
Rob Sheffield, Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke

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If all music did was bring the past alive, that would be fine. You can hide away in music and let it recapture memories of things that used to be. But music is greedy and it wants more of your heart than that. It demands the future, your future. Music wants the rest of your life. So you can’t rest easy. At any moment, a song can come out of nowhere to shake you up, jump-start your emotions, ruin your life.
Rob Sheffield, Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke

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