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Whither Thrift Store Finds?

Thrift Store Finds was a weekly blog posting I did here where I would look, in detail, at something or other that I bought on the cheap at thrift stores, garage sales, church bazars, or wherever I could snag a deal. My wife and I are both big bargain shoppers; she for vintage clothing and cookbooks, myself for used paperbacks and toys.

Writing Thrift Store Finds has always been a real pleasure. I’ve always been surprised at how proud I was of some of those posts, many of which became indirect studies of the history of modern newspaper comic strips. I’d find an old Doonesbury or For Better or For Worse paperback collection and do a little research into the artist or the times when the comics were published. In those endeavors, TSF became a real learning experience for me as well as a way to share my slightly out of hand collecting with readers.

In the past few months, my life has changed quite a bit. With the addition of Joan to our family, budgets are stretched thin. Leisure time for writing has become a premium. I find I have less inclination to sit down at my laptop and write about old curiosities when I could be spending time with my family… let alone buying them.

All that’s a rather long-winded way of saying that Thrift Store Finds are on hiatus for the immediate future, with the following exceptions: I will be writing a run of Thrift Store Find Hallo-weekends in October and reviving the Christmas Comic Cavalcade in December. Those posts have been in the planning stages since early 2014 and I want to see those commitments through, even if they were only commitments to myself.

I’ve very much enjoyed writing Thrift Store Finds and intend to continue them… just, not right now. Sometime in the future. Until then, you can browse the entire TSF archive on my WordPress blog, or just check out some of my favorites:

Robotman: The Untold Story (A somewhat forgotten strip with some really interesting history insofar as the business of comics syndication)

Crazy Cartoons by VIP (Virgil Partch is a guy whose work I discovered through this work and a guy who I continue to love today)

Def Leppard #1 by Rock Fantasy Comics (Hands down the WORST comic book I have ever read, hilariously so)

Saturday Night Live’s Coneheads #3 by Marvel Comics (Writing this piece put me in touch with MAD Magazine’s Tom Richmond, which was a thrill!)

Office Lover Boy (Stan & Jan Berenstain of The Berenstain Bears fame write dirty jokes!)

What Was Buggin’ Ol’ Pharoah? (A little known collection of faith based comic strips by Charles Schultz, drawn during the height of his Peanuts’ fame and success)

My So-Called Life Goes On (A novelization/continuation of the gone-too-soon ABC drama from the 1990’s. If website metrics are to believed, this post is the most popular thing I have ever done in my life.)

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I’m about to post a drawings a student at my school did on one of our dry erase boards. The young lady who drew this picture is incredibly talented and a little shy. I want to be able to show her I posted this on Tumblr on Monday and that her work got A LOT OF NOTICE. 

Please please please like and reblog the picture immediately following this post. Thank you!

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Every time I hear that terrible song “Rude” on the radio I think about this a-hole from Ghost World.
Seriously, that song’s the worst.

Every time I hear that terrible song “Rude” on the radio I think about this a-hole from Ghost World.

Seriously, that song’s the worst.

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God, I love young people,” Harmon said. “They get griped about enough. People think the younger generation’s job is to steer the world to hell. But it’s never true, is it? They’re hopeful and good- and that’s how it should be.
Elizabeth Strout - Olive Kitteridge

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High school is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of.
Kurt Vonnegut in the introduction to Our Time Is Now: Notes From the High School Underground, John Birmingham, ed. (1970)

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